Shearing systems

Linear shears

The kinematically decoupled shear blades can be moved by two direct drive linear motors and, if necessary, independently of each other.  A particular advantage is the high dynamics of the traversing axes (Y1, Y2).  This design principle leads to more precise cuts, a more compact design of the system and shorter set-up times with minimal maintenance.


  • Technical data:
  • - Basic dimensions (L x W x H): 1,124 x 400 x 460 mm
  • - Blade stroke: max. 200 mm
  • - Weight: 150 kg
  • - Continuous force: 550 N
  • - Peak force: 900 N
  • - Accuracy class: (+/-) 0.005 mm
  • - Max. acceleration: 17 m/s2
  • - Max. speed: 1.2 m/s
  • - Max. production speed: 60 1/min

Retro-fit shears

Products of impeccable quality require exact and reproducible movement of the shear blades in production process.  Accordingly, we modified an existing pneumatic shear system into Retro-Fit shears that make use of servo technology.  The system can be adapted without modification to the existing platform.


  • Technical data:
  • - Basic dimensions (L x W x H): 1,000 x 560 x 530 mm
  • - Weight: approx. 100 kg
  • - Max. production speed: 50 1/min
  • - Max. motor torque: 4.7 Nm

Advantages of the linear shear

Advantages of the retro-fit shears

  • No gears or other wear-prone, mechanical elements for the hub axis are required
  • Compact size
  • No reactive forces in the entire drive train
  • The nut of the ball screw is directly connected to the rotor of the motor and thus completely free of play
  • The encoder system is also directly connected to the rotor and the nut of the ball screw
  • The water-cooled spindle of the ball screw is led through the motor, thereby supplying internal motor cooling plus water cooling of the outer curved surface
  • All mechanical parts are water-cooled
  • Automatic central lubrication system
  • Rotary axis with various operating modes such as synchronous and asynchronous operation or constant rotation
  • Plunger can be moved out completely from the gutter area when changing with the aid of the feeder mechanism

Additional production equipment from iprotec

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