Production line for semi-finished glass products

Production line for semi-finished glass products

In close cooperation with our partner, Ullrich GmbH, we are able to offer a complete production line for the production of so-called "gobs". Producing technical glass lenses from a gob is the most efficient technology in the field of lens manufacturing. In conventional production of glass lenses (e.g. pressing glass rods  etc.), after the lenses are pressed, very costly grinding processes are required to achieve the required lens quality. The use of a "gob" for pressing glass lenses makes it possible to avoid, or at least dramatically minimize, the grinding process after the pressing process.  Optical glass lenses made from a "gob" are built into just about any optical device, whether a CD drive, a digital or analog camera, or a headlight of a car.  Each "gob" is made from a single sliced glass drop, which means that each shape receives a glass drop with a precise weight. The feeding process is carried out by a "streaming" process, which means that no drop distribution is needed and the drop shape is delivered directly under the feeder.

The benefits of the production line for semi-finished glass products

  • No grinding necessary for further processing
  • High surface quality
  • High output
  • Fully automatic process

Additional production equipment from iprotec

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