Automatic Glass Inspection

Automatic Glass Inspection

In close cooperation with famous and worldwide operating glass producers iPROTec GmbH develops fully automatic glass inspection machines which can be used in different areas of glass production.

Glass inspection machines in the hot area enable the customer to react quickly and adjust the parameters of the forming machines (station-related evaluation with regard to the upstreamed machine), whereas the glass inspection systems in the cold area carry out the final inspection of the article before packaging.


Scope of inspection:

  • - Optical defect inspection
  • - Geometric inspection
  • - Rim inspection
  • - Base plate / bottom inspection
  • - Stem inspection

Technical data:

  • Field of application:
  • - hot area           (before annealing lehr)
  • - cold area         (after annealing lehr)
  • Range of application:
  • - stemware
  • - tumbler
  • Versions:
  • - linear system
  • - rotary table system
  • Max. glass dimensions:
  • - height:               300 mm
  • - diameter:         160 mm
  • Inspection speed:
  • - up to 80 pcs./min

Adavantages of fully automatic glass inspection

  • Simple operation
  • User-friendly visualization
  • Real-time data exchange (inference to upstreamed production machines)
  • Creation of yield reports for production control
  • Repeatable inspection accuracy with high-precision cameras and image processing algorithms
  • High stability with regard to reliable, production-related variations

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