Partner Companies

Zwiesel Kristallglas AG

Almost 140 years of practising the art of glassmaking, combined with technology and salesmanship are proof of an exemplary company history.  Hence, today the Zwiesel Kristallglas AG holds a leading position in the world of exclusive glass products.  895 employees view themselves as guardians of quality, the majority of them are in the „glass city“ Zwiesel in the Bavarian Forest.  Here, glass products for customers from around the world are created using advanced production techniques.  Manufactures from Zwiesel are valued for their perfection in 120 countries.

SCHOTT ZWIESEL, ZWIESEL 1872 and JENAER GLAS are three brands of the glass manufacture run by Dr. Andreas Buske, all three of which are essential components of the national as well as the international haute cuisine.  In addition, the products also cater for the needs of private users and reaffirm their taste for timeless design in sophisticated glass and tableware.

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Ullrich GmbH

Anyone who sells products, machines or systems for the glass and solar industry has to know this world.  The Ullrich GmbH is at home in semi-finished production and hollow glass industry.  They specialise in further development and distribution of products made from glass for the automotive industry, as well as the solar industry.  Together with ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS, additional synergetic effects for the development of processes and systems can be generated.


Founded in 1980 the Ullrich GmbH has established itself to a producer of high-quality and innovative semi-finished glass - so called GOBs. These can be bilaterally constrained blank in the claimed optical quality.  For this, the development of new technologies and production equipment through IPROTec GmbH was required.

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