Presenting IPROTec

We at IPROTec GmbH are a young, rising company in the industry of special purpose machine building with worldwide operations.  Our strategic core region is Central Europe.

We are specialised in the development, design, planning, manufacture, assembly and commissioning of machines and systems that we design optimally under holistic consideration of the customer’s specific environment and with the greatest possible expertise.  Our competence lies above all in classical special purpose machine building.  We have planned and successfully completed many projects for numerous customers in the past.

In every project, we place great value on perfect coordination with the respective customer.  We discuss current issues to make sure we always know where we stand.

Alongside classical machine building, we offer to take on the entire development and planning tasks for our customers, and even to optimise existing machines and systems in terms of technical and economic criteria.  Environmental protection plays a major and fundamental role in this.

Our range of services at a glance:

  • Special purpose machines
  • Automation technology
  • Machines and systems for the glass industry
  • Controller manufacture and programming
  • Switch cabinet production
  • Technical services
  • CNC manufacture of components for machine building

"Environmental protection is an opportunity, not a burden that we have to carry."

Helmut Sihler