Environmental protection / certificates

Sustainable thinking and acting.

Environmental protection in the company plays an increasingly important and also a greater role.  This goes especially for operations – like ours– that are globally active.  Environmental protection is becoming a hotter topic in society and economics, not because of tightened regulations, but in consideration of our future generations.  That is why each and every employee is urged to spare resources and act responsibly towards the environment in everything they do.

We consider it important to continually improve our processes in order to prevent environmental pollution during production, storage and transport.  We also place great value on environmentally friendly suppliers and renewable raw materials.  We are also ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2009 certified.

Our contribution

  • We use equipment with low energy requirements.
  • We choose our raw materials carefully.
  • We use low-emission machinery and equipment for manufacturing.
  • We take care to use environmentally friendly packaging and transportation.
  • We produce recyclable articles.