Welding and milling machines

Robot milling machine for plastic side skirts

In the system, model specific broken-out sections for a passenger car are milled in the side skirts.  A set is always milled together.  The program also allows milling only one side.  Before and after each operation, the milling tool is checked for breakage.  The resulting chips are sucked down through the component pick-up.  When assembling, the correct component position is recorded and the length is measured.  Length changes are taken into account in the milling program.

Welding and milling machine for window frames

Various aluminium profiles are welded together and milled in the machine.  The operator sets the frame parts as seen on the screen in the corresponding matrices.  Then the two start buttons needs to be pressed, and the protective cover moves downwards.  The frame parts are welded together.  Afterwards, the welding arm moves to the initial position and the milling cutter fly-cuts the weld on the upper side.  Then the protective cover moves upwards and the frame parts can be removed.