Various manufacturing plants

Handling aid for casting mould preparation

Casting moulds are inserted into the swivelling and turning device and assist the operator in positioning the approx. 200 kg heavy component shape.  The device is used for bringing all surfaces of the mould into a  horizontal position.  The casting mould is picked up and locked by means of 4 recesses incl. bolts.  The bolts are provided with clamping levers, whereby the fixation can be quickly loosened or pulled tight.  Before the mould can be placed on the bolts, it must be aligned by the operator.  Both the height adjustment and the adjustment of the swivel angle are motorized.  The turning of the mould is done manually by the operator.  A pre-set slide bearing ensures stiffness and can be loosened with the help of a foot switch.


Hydraulic lifting racks for casting moulds

This plant is used for casting moulds with a weight of up to 3.5 tons.  The actual mould is mounted on the base plate of the swivelling mould holder.  The mould can be accurately positioned and then bolted through the existing slots in the base plate.   In the initial state, the two-part mould is closed and inclined 90° to the side over the swivelling mould holder.  In the inclined state, the mould can be manually filled by the operator.  After filling, the automatic program of the system is started by pressing a start button.  While the upper cross member is responsible for lifting the upper mould shell, the lower swivel device ensures ergonomic removal of the finished component.

Crimping machine for fused quartz tubes

In the system, tubes made of quartz glass are joined with an IR heating wire and processed over a large diameter range.  The tubes are rinsed with a protective gas and then welded on both sides.  All adjustment variants are controlled article-specifically via servo drives and can be stored in a program database.  When welding, the ends are crimped with a precisely reproducible force.  During assembly, the correct component position is recorded and only then the processing is allowed.